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New To Fitness ? 


What I do:


Organise short, fun, manageable sessions 30mins to 1 hour. Giving you coaching, advice, motivation and confidence 

Allowing you to develop at your own pace

How it helps:


Keeping it short and fun means your much likely to want to come back. Making the session manageable means you wont feel its too much and it will prevent you getting injuries by going at it too hard too quick. Increasing movement, raising heart rate, toning muscles and burning stored fat, starting to work on aerobic body systems meaning you can cope with day to day tasks easier. Allows you to start on your fitness journey and most importantly keep going

Personal Trainer 

- Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction
- Level 3 Personal Training Instructor
ID: Premier Global 914793

- Fitness Nutrition Specialist  
ID: NASM 1190380711

- Weight Loss Specialist 
ID: NASM 1190389518

- L3 Mental Health Practitioner 

ID: 603/7368/4

- Group Cycle Instructor 

Running Coach
United Kingdom Athletics Qualified Coach 
- Leader In Running Fitness
- Coach  In Running Fitness
ID: 3420857

- Winner of the 2017 Sahara Desert Ultra Marathon 
- Winter Sun Arctic Race Finisher 2018 
- Dead Sea Marathon Finisher  2019
Marathon PB - 3hrs 15min
100k PB - 15hrs
Half Marathon - 1hr 20min
10k - 38mins
 5k - 18.55
20 years plus, experience of training and competing in a wide range of running and outdoor activities-
Specific Goals ?


What I do:


We will look at what you've done in the past, why you stopped and want you want to do in the future. Then based on your current levels of fitness, match that to a training plan to get the best from you and work together getting you back working on your goal, or improve the skills set you had or already have. This area of runbuddy fitness really involves you and your needs. Your probably a lot better than you give yourself credit for and have competed in the past to some level, but stopped due to lifestyle or injury. Together we'll look at overcoming any issues, and work on technique and skills allowing you to be the best you can be

How it helps:


The problems may be motivation, fitting in exercise into your life or a persistent injury. Working alongside runbuddy fitness means that you've got your coach offering you support, availability at times when you are, and coaching about all aspects such as nutrition and diet, lifestyle, session types and different methods of injury prevention and cure. What could be better than having an expert by your side when you need them, getting the most from you and helping you reach your goals 

Training For An Event ?


What I do:


Talk to you about the event you wish to complete, and then form a training plan, giving you honest feedback about what you need to do to be able to achieve your goal. Integrate aspects of the intended event into training, and complete sessions that will best suit your needs. Give you motivation and support every step of the way from first session to post event. Allowing you to have confidence not only to stand on the start line, but knowing you can finish it without injury or disappointment

How it helps:


All to often people go into events hoping that they will get through it and survive without any prior training, this leads to failure and injury which in the end results in-stoppage in running altogether. Using a Run-Buddy who's done lots of events of all types and lengths and knows what's needed, means you wont fail and will have the required level of fitness, skill and confidence before you start. There are lots of great events out there from fun runs, 5k's all the way to marathons and ultra's. Its great to get involved but make sure your ready with runbuddy fitness

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